Outreach Programs

PLEASE NOTE:  Currently Outreach Programs have been paused. Please check back for updates as to when they will resume.

Limited by transportation issues and permission forms?  Invite the Mid-Hudson Discovery Museum to your school!  Our Museum educators will bring everything needed to provide a fun, educational and interactive program to your students. $275 for the first program; $90 for each additional program on the same day. Long-distance travel fee may apply.


StarLab Planetarium

(Maximum of 30 students per program)

The Mid-Hudson Discovery Museum’s StarLab is an inflatable planetarium. Children will learn how to find some of the most recognizable constellations throughout the seasons, and learn stories of Greek mythology and Native American folklore. This is a wonderful presentation and enhancement for early STEM learning. (Next Generation Science Standard: 1-ESS1-1)


Captain Bubble Science Show

(Minimum of 25; Maximum of 60 students per program)

This zany superhero science show will empower your students to be scientists as they learn about states of matter, energy and chemical reactions. Highlights of the show include amazing helium bubbles, bubble-powered rockets and kids being put inside a bubble. After the show, students will break into groups to participate in their own scientific experiments. Supports Next Generation Science Standard: 2.PS1.A.


Go, Slow, WHOA!

(Minimum of 25; Maximum of 60 students per program)

Come on down! You’re on a game show! In this nutrition education program, based on the Children Museum of Manhattan’s “Eat Play Grow” curriculum, students are the contestants and offered fun challenges about healthy eating and exercise. There is never a dull moment in the show as the audience helps decide if something is a “Go!” food or a “Whoa!” food! (NY Physical Education Learning Standard 1 Health and Fitness)


Illumination Lab

(Maximum of 30 students per program)

This program happens in our inflatable dome planetarium, but instead of learning about the stars, children learn about the science of light! Our educator will demonstrate experiments featuring color-mixing, UV light, shadow puppets, lenses, fiber optics and even a disco ball! (This program supports Next Generation Science Standards, 1-PS4-2, 1-PS4-3, 1-PS4-4)


Marvelous Magnet Mystery

(Minimum of 12; Maximum of 30 students per program)

Designed specifically for pre-K classes that might not be able to make the trip to the Museum, this popular field trip is now available as an outreach program. Help solve the case of the missing keys. Children will use critical thinking and STEM skills to iron out the details of this attractive mystery. Includes special magnet activity station exploration.


Kinder Coding

(Minimum of 12; Maximum of 30 students per program)

Give your students a step up on technology. Our educator will start the program with a fun lesson on robotics and coding.  Then your class will break up into small groups to create their own codes for Cubetto robots. Cubetto robots are designed to specifically teach coding concepts to younger children. They are screen-free, and easy to use by teaching important concepts that are key to understanding computers and programming. Be sure to ask about renting our Cubetto robots for extended learning in your classroom!


Meet the Beetles!

(Minimum of 12; Maximum of 30 students per program)

Bring the wonder of living things into your classroom! Children will compare, contrast and observe 3 different kinds of insects, including your classroom’s very own colony of Bess Beetles. That’s right – we’ll leave you with everything you need to care for a new classroom colony! Bess Beetles are a docile, easy to care for and handle species of beetle that lives entirely on decaying wood. (This program satisfies Next Generation Science Standards, P-LS1-1, LS1.A LS1.C and LS3.B)



To schedule or inquire about an outreach program, contact info@mhdm.org