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The Mid-Hudson Discovery Museum offers people the opportunity to learn in a no-pressure, fun-filled, self-motivating setting. This type of learning is known as informal learning.

Informal learning is the name given to learning that’s unstructured and takes place away from traditional, formal learning settings, like a classroom. It has no clear goals or set objectives as it’s often unplanned and self-directed by the learner. Organic, unstructured, and learner-driven, informal learning theory is thought to be how we, as humans, learn around 90% of the time. (Source: UC Berkeley)

Informal learning can be just as valuable as formal learning, as it allows people to develop skills and knowledge that may not be covered by formal education or other training. Some of the many benefits of informal learning activities:

Encourages Curiosity – without the anxiety of tests and other high-pressure situations, people are free to follow their interests, even if it takes them away from the original idea, and learn what they deem to be of value to themselves

Intuitive – informal learning activities fit easily into daily life; people learn and grow according to what problem they need to solve or situation they need to navigate

Spontaneous – people learn naturally in an informal setting as they have been doing their entire lives

A visit to MHDM is an exciting learning experience disguised by fun and enjoyment. Come on in and (informally) learn for yourself!

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