Outdoor Pop-Up Science Experience: Mars Rover Project

September 2, 2021 | Two Sessions 10:00 am and 1:00 pm

Program Description:  Rovers are a kind of car-like spacecraft that NASA uses to explore the surfaces of other worlds!  Rovers have gone to Mars and the Moon and have gathered information about terrain of these foreign landscapes.  They also collect samples of rocks, dust, soil and liquid, if any, to be studied by NASA scientists who are looking for possible signs of life. The two active Rovers on Mars are Curiosity, who has been on Mars since 2012, and Perseverance, the newest Rover, landed in February 2021!

Children will read about Curiosity ,the Story of the Mars Rover and learn about Mars’ terrain and how the Mars Rover collects it data. Afterwards, Children will attempt to engineer their own rubber band powered Mars Rover!

This program is for children ages 3-7 and space is limited. Pre-registration is required.

Cost:  MHCM Members: $6; non-members $10 per child (parents / caregivers FREE)

Please Note: The main museum building is currently closed for renovations.  This special socially-distanced outdoor program will be held in MHCM’s open-air waterfront pavilion.  Due to the increase of the Delta variant in our community, face masks are required of all participants.

Registration is now closed.

Pop-Up Science / Mars Rover Project Session 1 – 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Pop-Up Science / Mars Rover Project Session 2 – 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Our Summer Space Science STEM programs have been developed with the generous support of Marshall & Sterling and Tompkins Mahopac Bank.