Science Revealed!

This dynamic science gallery creates meaningful and memorable engagement for families with children up to age 12. The exhibition consists of 16 custom-made, hands-on science exhibits that invite visitors into full-body physical exploration of motion, air, forces, fluids and magnetism.


Ball Launcher

Try to bounce the ball through any (or all!) of the different hoops by changing the bounce angle and arranging the hoops.


Making Waves

Experiment with these magnetic pendulums to make waves!


Magnetic Pendulum

Swing the pendulum and see which way it goes! Move the disc underneath and watch the pattern change.


Tube Tunnels

Challenge your family and friends to get a ball through a maze of tubes that YOU created!


Magnetic Sculpture

Experiment with magnetism by building a metal sculpture between the two magnet arms using steel pellets, nuts and washers.


Birefringent Fluid

Learn about patterns by moving different shapes in a flow channel which is filled with birefringent fluid.


Slinky Treadmill

Experiment with how long you can keep your Slinky “walking” on the treadmill by adjusting the speed.


Spinning Patterns

Discover what patterns you can create with some sand, tools, and a rotating disk.


Standing Rope

Make a rope stand and learn about gravity! Can you pass a hoop over the rope without making it fall?


Turn Vortex

Create a water vortex strong enough to get one, two, or all three balls to the bottom!



Place different rolling objects such as rings, disks and spheres on a rotating turntable. Can you make them stay in one place as the turntable spins?


Wind In Your Sails

How can you move the yacht sail to change the speed and direction of your boat?


Air Hockey

Crash pucks on a frictionless table and observe elastic collisions on the four-way air hockey table.


Sand Avalanche

Turn over a large transparent container filled with two kinds of sand. Learn about gravity as it pulls the sand down through the openings, allowing you to create beautiful patterns.


Wind Table

Create your own flying machine and test it on the wind table! How long can you keep your object flying in the column of air? How high does it go?


Pin Screen Wall

Make a pattern of your hands, arms, or even your whole body! What kind of shapes and designs can you make on the wall?


Support and Partnerships

Science Revealed! was custom-designed and fabricated by Hüttinger Interactive Exhibitions from Nürnberg, Germany.

Sponsorship of the Spinning Patterns exhibit is by the Evelyn M. Davies Charitable Trust. Additional funding comes from gifts made to the Mid-Hudson Discovery Museum’s Capital Campaign. 

Also paid for in part by Dutchess County.   

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