Smiling children in career themed costumes

The Children’s Garden @ MHDM




When young children use their imaginations and embrace their natural surroundings, they take the first step on the journey in developing a life-long relationship with the wonders of the biological world.

The Children’s Garden is designed for anyone with a budding interest in plants and a passion for learning about how things grow. The garden area features raised beds, a potting shed, compost area and an outdoor classroom.

  • Gardening is physical work – As a child learns to reach, squat, and balance, gross motor skills are developed. Learning to use gardening tools, handle seeds and delicate seedlings, and harvest produce, develop children’s fine motor skills. 
  • Gardening introduces new cognitive concepts – Gardens are vibrant classrooms where children are introduced to real world problems to solve. Language and vocabulary develop as a child explores and interacts with others as well as the plants and tools. 
  • Gardening creates awareness about food. Children who learn to grow their own food learn important life skills and are connected to where food comes from. Most children will eagerly eat what they grow themselves. 
  • Gardening connects children with the natural world. Children learn to value and protect what they know. By connecting children to the earth through gardening they will gain awareness of the importance of protecting nature and stewarding natural resources. 


The Children’s Garden @ MHDM is made possible with the generous support of the Charlotte Cunneen-Hacket Charitable Trust, the Poughkeepsie Garden Club, Price Chopper’s Golub Foundation, The Women’s Professional Network, Williams Lumber and Home Center, and volunteers from IBM and the Environmental Cooperative at Vassar College.