Curious children of all ages



Learning should and can be fun!  Our programs are designed to make learning an exciting and enjoyable journey. Hands-on experiences are at the heart of our approach, and we provide the perfect balance of learning and fun to keep participants engaged and motivated, while discovering and creating new things. No tests given here!  

Many of the programs offered at MHDM are based in STEAM. STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and math. STEAM intentionally blends these subjects to teach 21st-century skills, that provide tools students need to have if they are to succeed in the workplace of the future.    

Age-appropriate programs are offered all year long at various times throughout the day.  Programs can be free with museum admission; others require a nominal fee.  Some programs are drop-in while others require pre-registration.  Programs are offered by MHDM staff as well as outside educators and performers that MHDM partners with.

Check our calendar to see all of our programs and experience the joy of learning something fun!