Party FAQ


Is there a deposit required?
Payment in full is due at time of reservation for all parties.

Can I see the party facility prior to making a reservation? 
Yes, we encourage you to notify the reservationist before coming into the museum.

When do I have to pay for my party?
Party reservations are required to pay in full at time of reservation.

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How early can I arrive for my party?
Hosts may arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the party to set up decorations.

Where do I check in for my party?
Upon your arrival let the Guest Services Staff know you are here and for which party.

How will our party guests be recognized?
Each party guest participant will receive a “Happy Birthday!” sticker to wear while in the museum. This is our way of recognizing your group, and it also allows for admission to the museum following your child’s celebration. You will be asked to provide a headcount of your guests to museum staff prior to arrival at the museum, and we will provide this exact number of stickers to your participants.

Who should I include in my head count?
Please include every person participating in the festivities unless they are under the age of 1, including the birthday child.

What about siblings and adults of my invited guests?
Yes, siblings and adults of invited guests will be included in the count as well.

Will someone be there to assist me during my party?
A member of the museum staff will be available to check-in your guests and make announcements for food and cake.

How do I get my party supplies to and from my car?
You will be responsible for getting all your items from the car to the party location and back. We have a cart available to assist with the process.

If I decide to bring my own food, is there somewhere to store it?
There is limited food storage facilities available and is on a first come first served basis.  Please inform the Guest Services Staff if you need something refrigerated.  Warmers, crock pots, microwaves, Sternos are not permitted.

What if I am running late or my guests arrive late?
Parties start promptly at your designated party time. The party space is yours only for the two hours you have reserved; because of other parties you will not be able to make up the time in the party space. Please advise your guests to arrive on time.

How is the party space decorated? Can I bring my own decorations?
The party space will be set up with tables and chairs. Party renter is responsible for the event set up (decorating) and table clean up. Please note: decorations are limited to table-tops and free-standing items. Materials may not be hung from ceilings or walls. We reserve the right to prohibit certain decorations for fire, safety, and environmental concerns.

Is food and cake included in the Birthday package?
Food, cake, and beverages are not provided in Birthday packages.

What if we ran out of time in the party space, can we continue our party at one of your lunch tables?
No. Parties are only permitted in the museum at a scheduled time and only in our party space. The lunch tables are for all other guests of the museum and party material is not permitted on them.

What if I am not utilizing your party space, but I want to have a party?
Parties are not permitted in the museum unless it is at a scheduled time in our party space.  Balloons, cake, gifts, and all other party items will not be permitted into the museum.

One of my adult guests is a member of the museum.  Can they use their membership to attend the party?
No, memberships are not valid with birthday parties.

Do we have to leave the museum when our party ends?
Absolutely not! You and your guests must leave the party space after your two-hour party to allow for preparations for the next party, but all guests are welcome to enjoy the museum until it closes at 5:00 pm.

Can I hire entertainment for my child’s party?
The hiring of entertainers who are not affiliated with the Mid-Hudson Discovery Museum is not permitted during museum hours.  Upon prior approval by museum staff, outside entertainment may by allowed during private after-hours parties.

What things are not permitted?
Alcoholic beverages, explosive materials, noisemakers, confetti poppers, and piñatas are prohibited. Music during museum open hours is not permitted. The Mid-Hudson Discovery Museum is a non-smoking campus.  Smoking anywhere on the museum grounds is prohibited.


Can I reschedule?
A $65 fee will be applied if a reserved party is rescheduled at any time.  If a party must be rescheduled due to inclement weather, rescheduling fee is waived.

What happens if I need to cancel?
If party is cancelled more than one month prior to scheduled party, 100% of the fee will be refunded minus a $65 cancellation fee. There will be no refund for any cancellation made within one month of the scheduled party date.

What happens if my party starts late?
Each event will start promptly. Late party arrivals risk a compromised schedule and program. No refunds are available for late arrivals, and a party will be considered cancelled if the birthday family does not arrive within 30 minutes of the reserved party time.

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For additional information about birthday parties at the Mid-Hudson Discovery Museum, please call (845) 471-0589 ext. 914 or email: