Visioning Sessions

As part of a year-long planning project, MHCM has been working with museum consultant Julie Bowen (Columbia Group, Toronto) and Mark Olson (Olson + Partners Architecture, Poughkeepsie) to develop and host visioning sessions with regional stakeholder groups.  The development of the museum campus model is anchored in the desire to address critical regional needs in STEM education and in connecting students with career opportunities in technology, industry, agriculture and/or food science.

Timeline: November 2017 – June 2018

Due Diligence Review of Property and Planning and Zoning Approvals

We anticipate needing a 9-12 month review period in which we will carefully assess the property for its suitability for being redeveloped and re-purposed into a new museum campus, and to obtain necessary approvals for property development.

Timeline:  April 2018  – March 2019

Conceptual Design for Building Renovations

Includes structural evaluation and condition reporting, schematic design, design development (layouts of physical and mechanical improvements, materials, program planning), and creation of construction documents that will detail specifications that will go out to bid.

Timeline: December 2018-December 2019

Fundraising / Capital Campaign

Working with a fundraising consultant, we will conduct a campaign readiness assessment, feasibility study and capital campaign to secure resources for this project.  We will be looking to secure grant, corporate and individual support.

Timeline:  March 2018 – June 2021


Initial construction will focus on internal renovations required to bring Reynolds Building and Hoffman House up to code and on external preservation work.  Enhancements to the pavilion will occur subsequent to this.  The timing of the start of construction will depend on constriction bids received and on confirmation and receipt of grant funding.

Timeline:  TBD

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