Donor and Member Privacy Policy

The Mid-Hudson Discovery Museum subscribes to the following Donor and Member Privacy Policy as it relates to the protection of our donors’ and members’ personal information:

  • Any information supplied by, or collected from Mid-Hudson Discovery Museum donors and members is confidential. Donor and member information will not be shared outside the Mid-Hudson Discovery Museum for any reason unless permission is granted in writing by the donor/member to share such information.
  • All requests to remain anonymous will be honored.
  • The Mid-Hudson Discovery Museum does not share, trade or sell donors’ or members’ personal or contact information with anyone else, nor will the Mid-Hudson Discovery Museum send mailings to donors/members on behalf of other organizations.
  • Donors and members will be contacted periodically by postal mail, telephone or email for purposes of solicitation, membership renewal, gift acknowledgement and/or to share event information. Donors/members may request in writing to be permanently removed from the Mid-Hudson Discovery Museum mailing list. All requests to be removed from mailing lists shall be honored.
  • The Mid-Hudson Discovery Museum’s Donor and Member Privacy Policy is posted on the Mid-Hudson Discovery Museum website and is to be listed in all annual reports.