Current Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum as seen from Upper Landing Park


The properties as seen from above.  (Upper Landing Park to the lower left; MHCM property at center.)


Upper Landing Park’s green space


Reynolds Building and Hoffman House (Upper Landing Park)


Hoffman House in Upper Landing Park will become the new Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum


Mid-Hudson Children's Museum building before expansion

The current Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum will become the new Mid-Hudson Science Center


The Science Center will feature hands-on interactive exhibits for children ages 5-12


Reynolds Building will become “The Crucible”


The Crucible will be a community-curated museum that focuses on big issues at the cross-section of science and society, while introducing students to careers and opportunities in the STEM fields (photo credit:  The Wild Center Climate Summit)


The Pavilion at MHCM will become The Waterfront Food Works


Waterfront Food Works will be a dynamic public educational space focusing on all aspects of food – its production, consumption, artistry, careers and social issues.  (Photo credit:  The Whitney Museum)


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